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Stary 16.12.2016, 18:43   #1
Wyjadacz ;)
Avatar użytkownika fera2
Data rejestracji: 02.09.2016
Posty: 323
fera2 niedługo stanie się sławny ;) <50 - 149 pkt>
[PS2] - Free Memory Card Boot (FMCB)

FMCB po raz kolejny został zaktualizowany.
Oto lista zmian:

Changelog for 1.95 (04/01/2016):
Changelog for installer v0.97:
1. Updated to be compilable with the latest PS2SDK revision.
2. Compiled with the latest PS2SDK revision for stability.
3. Updated to support FMCB v1.95.
4. Enlarged output buffers for S-commands within SECRMAN to 16-bytes, as CDVDMAN can assume that these output buffers are 16-bytes long.
5. Added support for DEX units.
6. Revamped the GUI.
7. HDD unit will only be shut off if HDD support is disabled.
8. Changed fonts to the Google Noto fonts.
9. Added warning messages for users of unsupported consoles (ROM v2.30) and for users with HDDs that need maintenance/replacement (for FHDB).

Changelog for FMCB/FHDB v1.95:
1. Fixed alpha blending for the hacked OSD.
2. The FMCB version number can now be accessed through the %VER% variable in FREEMCB.CNF, for the top and bottom delimiters.
3. Updated for use with the latest PS2SDK.
4. Updated to build with the new PS2SDK, for stability. This includes the use of the new USB modules.
5. Changed all KELF/KIRX files to type 01 (Update files), for compatibility with Debugstation consoles.
6. Changed PSX updater module to be loaded from a memory card instead.
7. DVD video disc sector reading is now enabled by loading a dummy DVD player-flagged KIRX from a memory card.
8. Cleaned up sources and corrected (non-critical, disassembly-related) mistakes in the v1.00 and v1.01 kernel patches.
9. Added FSCK tool for FHDB.
10 Removed HDD support for the PSX, allowing FMCB to boot on a PSX that has lost its HDD unit.
Changelog for v1.951 (21/05/2016):
Changelog for installer:
1. Added button legend.
2. Once again, all files in the BOOT folder will be copied.
3. Added a BOOT folder for the HDD (BOOT-HDD). Files in there will be copied to hdd0:__sysconf/FMCB.
4. Removed unused file flag bits.
5. Added new Portuguese, French and Spanish localizations.
6. Button legend will be dynamically positioned, to cater for the varying lengths of labels in various languages.
7. Users can now cancel at the memory card selection and installation type screens.

Changelog for FMCB/FHDB:
1. Fixed USB device support; added 2s delay to the boot process + 10s timeout to the FMCB core.
2. Updated code to work reliably with the PS2SDK.
3. Added button hints to FSCK.
4. Corrected flipped button processing (OK -> Quit) in FSCK.
Changelog for v1.952 (18/06/2016):
1. Corrected OSD setting initialization.
Changelog for v1.953 (16/12/2016):

Changelog for the installer v0.973:
- Updated to contain the fixed USBHDFSD module.
- Updated to contain the updated HDD modules (<=2TB HDD support, bugfix to PFS etc).
- The APPS partition will only be created, if it does not already exist and only if the - ------- APPS-HDD directory contains something.
- Corrected error-passing within code that determines what to copy.
- Replaced the font-drawing system with a new design.

Minor update 2016/12/16:
- Fixed coordinate overflow in font-drawing.
- Removed unused Japanese font. Will re-add, if a translation is added.
- Updated Germal localization. Special thanks to LopoTRI.
- Rebuilt to not have the full kernel OSD patch (PS2SDK update).
(prevents users of SCPH-10000/SCPH-15000 from being blocked from changing the language setting)

Changelog for FMCB/FHDB v1.953:
- Updated to contain the fixed USBHDFSD module.
- Updated to contain the fixes to the HDD modules.
- Ported fixes to FSCK from HDDChecker.

Minor update 2016/12/16:
- Rebuilt to not have the full kernel OSD patch (PS2SDK update).
(prevents users of SCPH-10000/SCPH-15000 from being blocked from changing the language setting)
Link do instalatora:
Link alternatywny:

Oficjalna strona FMCB:
Forum FMCB:

Ostatnio zmieniany przez fera2 : 16.12.2016 o godz. 18:56
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