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misiozol 29.06.2019 16:57

podejrzewam ze na v3.0 bedzie stabilne :D

Jolek 29.09.2019 14:48

PS3HEN v2.3.2
Wyszła wersja v2.3.2.

CHANGELOG dla 2.3.2:

HEN Plugin Changes
  • Updated To Detect and Support 4.85 HFW
Payload Changes
  • Updated To Detect and Support 4.85 HFW
Resource Changes
  • [4.85 Only] Added 2 SPRX (explore_category_tv.sprx & mtpinitiator_plugin.sprx) to restore 4.85 versions from HFW install


Jolek 11.10.2019 06:49

PS3HEN v2.4.0
Wyszła wersja v2.4.0.

CHANGELOG dla 2.4.0:

Global Changes
  • Stage2 Size went from 100kb+ to 90kb
Payload Changes
  • Added VSH patches and disabled signature check of RIF, now other tools are compatible
  • PS3MAPI can now write to VSH text segment like CFW
  • Disabled VSH check in RIF that R and S cant be just 0
  • DLC/PSX games RAP support added
  • Fixed hitching of PSX PAL on NTSC TV and vice versa
  • Removed unnecessary hooks on CellFsOpen/CellFsRead/CellFsClose, possibly increasing stability
  • Speed improvement when loading NPDRM type 2 games (need original or RAP Activated RIF), CPU couldnt generate ECDSA fast enough
  • Fixed issue where people sometimes got stuck downloading games from PSN


Jolek 19.10.2019 19:10

PS3HEN v3.0.0

Napisany przez misiozol (Post 1424134)
podejrzewam ze na v3.0 bedzie stabilne :D

To masz wersję 3.0.0...

CHANGELOG dla 3.0.0:

Global Changes
  • No Longer Officially Supporting 4.82 Firmware
HEN Plugin Changes
  • Fixed freezing if DVD or CD is already inserted into PS3 when HEN is enabled
  • Showing error message if reply length is too short from server
Payload Changes
  • Fixed Freezing Problems on All Models
  • Fixed Issues With Incompatible Models
  • Improved Sanity Checks


misiozol 19.10.2019 20:18

A widzisz tak ssie zlozylo ze mam 2 super slimy i mam zamiar jeden zmodyfikowac do samochodu , idealnie na testowanie ;)

Jolek 20.10.2019 07:14

To może dodatkowo jaki¶ poradnik do tego zrobisz?

misiozol 20.10.2019 20:37

do czego samochodu czy hen ?

Jolek 20.10.2019 20:45

My¶lałem o HEN, ale jak już wspominasz o montażu do samochodu, to też może być. :>

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