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frog niedługo stanie się sławny ;) <50 - 149 pkt>
No to BeastUSSJ to gadaj wyraznie bo to troche dziwnie i mylaco napisales.... Ze netkas i fulks to inna sprawa tak trza bylo napisac.

Przy okazji, dzisiejsze gazety pisza :
What you've all been waiting for...

"A custom firmware for v3.55 PS3 that enables Backup Manager support + Online!

Released of course by long time very solid scene developer Waninkoko!

Here is Waninkoko read me for his wonderful release:

| PS3 Custom Firmware v3.55 |
| .. developed by Waninkoko .. |
| ... www.teknoconsolas.es ...|


This Custom Firmware for the PS3 increases the system features of your console to
allow the installation and execution of homebrew applications.
This Custom Firmware could allow too the loading of legal copies (backups) using
these new included features.

We don't support and condone the usage of illegal copies.
We are not responsible for any damage for the usage of this Custom Firmware. " ;>

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