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FMCB\FHDB 1.962 (28/06/2018) został wydany ponownie.

FMCB\FHDB 1.962 (28/06/2018) został wydany ponownie.

Lista zmian:
Changelog for v1.962:
  • Fixed inability to boot DVDs from the browser, by re-addeding the accidentally deleted cleanup code.
  • Added a call to deinitialize libpad to the FMCB Configurator, for stability after exiting.
  • Fixed play history being updated twice, when a DVD Video disc is played.
  • Updated OSD init code (fix for the mix-up on 06/23). Might not really result in any real benefits though.
Changelog for installer v0.983:
  • Added option to format the HDD unit, if not formatted.
  • Updated translation template.
  • Rebuilt to have the fixed PFS driver.
  • Updated FSCK to v0.961 - fixed checking of PFS partitions.
  • Updated LaunchELF.
  • Corrected logic error in UI that prevented FHDB from being installed.
  • Updated FSCK, to also correct the same logic error within it.
  • Updated LaunchELF, to fix the display mode setting problem and the inability to reliably boot ELFs.
  • Updated LaunchELF to fix booting of old software and to enable renaming for supported devices.
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File Type: 7z [180628]FMCB-1962-bin.7z (12.91 MB, 47 oglądane)
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