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RetroArch 1.8.0

Wyszło RetroArch 1.8.0

- AI SERVICE: Added in fix for BMP returns to AI service. Added in label passing to AI service call
- BSV: Fix BSV recording/playback
- BUGFIX: Fix crash when setting Thumbnail Directory
- BUGFIX/STABILITY: Set "Automatically Add Content to Playlist" to false by default, this was unstable on PS3 and Mac and other platforms potentially as well.
- COMMON: Graceful driver switching for Windows and Linux
- COMMON: Cache frame before converting 0RGB1555
- LAKKA: Wi-Fi Access Point settings
- MENU: Menu scaling improvements
- MENU/MATERIALUI: There are no longer any animation glitches when 'wraparound' scrolling from the last entry in a list to the first, or when performing horizontal swipe navigation gestures on certain settings-type entries
- MENU/MATERIALUI: List entries underneath the title and navigation bars are no longer highlighted when touching the title/navigation bars (this was only a cosmetic issue, but it was annoying...)
- MENU/MATERIALUI: The current menu list is no longer reloaded when pressing the currently active tab on the navigation bar
- MENU/MATERIALUI: The ticker text spacer has been set to a 'bullet' character (same as Ozone)
- MENU/MATERIALUI: The default colour theme has been set to 'Ozone Dark'
- MENU/MATERIALUI: Three new colour themes have been added.
- MENU/MATERIALUI: A new Menu Transition Animation option has been added under User Interface > Appearance. When this is enabled, menu transition events are animated
- MENU/MATERIALUI: The navigation bar is now shown at all times - i.e. it is an actual navigation tool, rather than a 'top-level-menu' curiosity
- MENU/MATERIALUI: Two new context-sensitive buttons have been added to the navigation bar - back button and resume button
- MENU/MATERIALUI: A new Auto-Rotate Navigation Bar option has been added under User Interface > Appearance. When enabled (this is the default setting), the navigation bar is moved to the right hand side of the screen when using landscape screen orientations.
- MENU/MATERIALUI: The playlists tab is now correctly hidden when User Interface > Views > Show Playlist Tabs is disabled
- MENU/MATERIALUI: Material UI now correctly readjusts its layout when screen orientation changes on mobile devices
- MENU/MATERIALUI: Material UI now resizes in real-time when the user manually sets the Menu Scale Factor (this never worked properly with the old DPI override)
- MENU/MATERIALUI: Material UI no longer leaks memory on 'context reset' (fonts were previously never free()'d)
- MENU/MATERIALUI: A new Android-style 'system bar' has been added. This shows current core name, clock and battery level
- MENU/MATERIALUI: A new search icon is shown on the title bar when viewing playlists and file browser lists. Pressing this launches the search interface
- MENU/MATERIALUI: The title bar now uses a larger font, and the sublabel font has also been enlarged a little, to more closely align with Material UI standards
- MENU/MATERIALUI: A number (quite a large number) of layout/spacing issues have been fixed
- MENU/MATERIALUI: The existing colour theme handling code is not fit for purpose, so the whole lot got ripped out and reimplemented. In doing so, also adjusted all the theme colours to better match Material UI standards - with a few liberties taken for aesthetic purposes.
- OSD: Fix fast forward indicator when not using menu widgets
- PSP1: Remove duplicated FPS indicator on the screen
- SWITCH: Make audren threaded audio driver the new default
- VIDEO LAYOUT: Add video layout mame overlay compatibility. Enabled for Windows/Linux/OSX/iOS/Android/libnx. Only works with GL driver for now, no glcore yet
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