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LG it is a GCE-8320B 1.04 Version firmware. After knock-down
receiving file 2 thing which it attaches " it reads a Leadme " txt
file certainly and after protecting life firmware ep it does that
RAID, it wishes.

Tłumaczenie z automata więc pokręcone maksymalnie:

Attention fact - This firmware domestic affection width firmware is the bay ep that RAID does in domestic affection width one case. The calendar product is the domestic OEM product (LG-IBM PC inclusion) ep that RAID does not do rolls up with this firmware.
* Against the calendar product it does not provide a firmware. When in the calendar product ep that RAID it does with domestic affection width firmware, ep that RAID does not become ep that RAID becomes to be the over could occur in the product, responsibility support it is not from the over occurrence hour our company.
* The product which in domestic OEM PC is affixed firmware requests at that OEM enterprise.

- This firmware is the firmware where the use is possible in LG GCE-8320B model of TRAY method. In only the identical model one case ep that RAID does with firmware.
- The size of this firmware Zip file 316KB (323,827 bites) is dosage. When knock-down after receiving, it confirms registration information or an attribute from the window search flag from and it is accurate and is not the identical dosage, the knock-down road coat problem occurring ep that RAID it does not do roll up. Once the knock-down road do more and try if sameness having an over to server is el after E the knock-down road receive again a dosage confirmation and and. The cotton where the dosage is identical ep that RAID do.
- This firmware is 1.04 pe cyen that pe cyen to use, when it is, ep that RAID it does not do roll up.
* Firmware pe cyen the confirmation law ① it is recorded on product top Label, ② the confirmation use OS of at window Win98/WinMe one case " start - set - control board, - system registration information - system manager -CDROM registration information - from set " the confirmation possible use OS confirms a confirmation impossible => product top Label at Win2000/NT/XP one case window
- This firmware basic is the firmware which improves the collision problem of the Recording Tool which is loaded and in Nero burningRom program formal support and the WinXP. ep That RAID do the bay firmware in the case which will agree with the fringe land contents of that over condition the over of the product to occur and firmware. Firmware ep that RAID firmware ep that RAID hour the worry which will go wrong is the case which will not be over to the product and over condition occurs in order for the hardware fringe land of the product to come to accomplish, the case where that over condition will not agree with a firmware fringe land contents ep that RAID it is good most not to do. - When firmware ep the problem occurs in the product which is caused by with that RAID, firmware ep in that RAID or ep the defective condition after that RAID is occurred the poem which product inspection will receive a contents to inform " meaning of a passage proposal " of LG home page (www.lge.co.kr) with certainly to inform.
- Firmware ep that RAID method attitude is being recorded a firmware file refers it in that file of the place where the compression cancellation hour Txt file appears. ☞ Firmware ep that RAID method The GED8320B104.ZIP with the case lower part which compression will cancel a file 2 files get together. <- 펌웨어 업그레이드 실행파일
je3lg409.hex <- 펌웨어 업그레이드 데이터 파일 MS-DOS 전용 프로그램으로, WINDOWS의 한글 MS-DOS 창이나 명령프롬프트 창에서는 실행이 되지 않거나 에러가 발생할 수 있습니다.
* WINDOWS'98에서는 시스템 부팅시 시스템 바이오스 체크가 끝난 후 적당한 시기에 미리 The je3.exe firmware carries must do thu consecutively from DOS mode.
* From the WinME/Win2000/WinXP because is not DOS mode the father thing due to the diskette the }a{: The father thing the printed style of writing must use in }ms{-DOS mode.
- Issue which it produces from the Win98se thing the case which will be the diskette: From the CMOS the father thing it becomes with the flow blood diskette and the Setting it does and the father thing after one firmware ep that RAID execution
- issue which it produces from the Win98se thing is not the diskette from the directory which is firmware file and issue which it produces from the different OS thing diskette one case: The CD-ROM it does not become automatic recognition the knock-down road it receives CD-ROM Install Driver from the S/W data thread of LG home page, -> the father thing with the diskette the father thing -> the Install it does with the CD-ROM Install diskette and after recognizing the CD-ROM, from the directory which is firmware file firmware ep that RAID execution Use method?

0. The CD-ROM when inside driving there is a CD, it removes the CD. In order to become, after connecting with an independence in SECONDARY MASTER, it uses.
1. The je3.exe, the directory which is je3lg409.hex file (the }c{: \) From with lower part it inputs together. }c{: \}je{3 je3lg409.hex
2. The CD-ROM the drive whole surface non it peels, ppak and, after short time ep that RAID is over.
3. ep To after that RAID currently to indicate a condition it will be able to confirm a condition easily by the screen. Before absolute condition confirming ep it discontinues that RAID re-department thing it does not do roll up.
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