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dd_bart w tym momencie nie ma Reputacji dodatnich ani ujemnych <0  pkt>
Wyskakuje taki komunikat!!!!!!!!!!

The requested URL could not be retrieved


The following URL could not be retrieved: ftp://cdrinfo@ftp4.inten.pl/software...yptcd_3_pl.exe

Squid sent the following FTP command:

RETR cryptcd_3_pl.exe

and then received this reply
cryptcd_3_pl.exe: No such file or directory

This might be caused by an FTP URL with an absolute path (which does not comply with RFC 1738). If this is the cause, then the file can be found at ftp://cdrinfo@ftp4.inten.pl/%2f/soft...yptcd_3_pl.exe.
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