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This is how I customize original menus.

Used programs:

DVDLab Pro
Graphic editor


1. Open the menu in PgcEdit and save the menu background as BMP.
2. Export the buttons.
3. Export the color schemes.
4. Export the PGC commands.
5. Extract the highlight picture with SubRip as BMP
- Use Pinnacle Impression format
- Color #1 white
- Color #2 black
- Color #3 blue
- Color #4 red
6. Edit the background picture and the highlight picture with your favorite tool (Change text, add or remove button). These changes have to be done in both pictures equally.
7. Load a dummy movie (1 sec black frame) in DVDLab Pro.
8. Load your menu background in DVDLab Pro.
9. Load your highlight picture as external sub-picture.
10. Use the Group Hotspot to define the hotspot rectangles.
11. Link all your buttons to the dummy movie.
12. Compile your menu with DVDLab Pro.
13. Import your modified menu with PgcEdit.
14. Import the saved buttons.
15. Import the saved color schemes.
16. Import the saved PGC commands.
17. Edit the button commands / PGC commands if needed.
18. Done
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