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pocztylion w tym momencie nie ma Reputacji dodatnich ani ujemnych <0  pkt>
Napisany przez demek Podgląd Wiadomości
otwoprz plik nfo w notatniku i przeczytaj instrukcje....
bo te pliki s** to pewnie dalej czyms upchane, chyba, ze kazdy z tych plikow sie odtwarza...
Otworzyłem plik Info w notatniku
wynik: kurcze nie znam angielskiego:

---Movie Information---
title : King Kong
runtime : 187 minutes
street date : 2005

---IMDB Information---
link : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0360717/
rating : 7.8
votes : 70,977

---Source Information---
format : HD-DVD
resolution : 1080p
video codec : VC-1
audio codec : AC3 Dolby 5.1
aspect ratio : 2.35:1
region : World

---Video Information---
container : mkv
codec : x264
bitrate : 5622 kbps
resolution : 720p
frames/sec : 23.976

---Audio Information---
codec : AC3
bitrate : 448 kpbs
subtitles : Nope

---Release Notes---
Enjoy the movie.

---How To Play---
Unforunately, to play these high resolution, high bitrate releases
you will need a relatively powerful cpu and a few pieces of software that
you might not already have. To help make your life easier, we are
going to walk you through it.

As mentioned before, you need a decent computer to play this. We'd recommend
at least the equivalent of a pentium 4. The cpu constraints are why we
do not release these ripped at 1080p. Not everyone yet has the hardware
for 720p, hardly anyone has the hardware for 1080p.

So, you are sitting there wondering how the hell you play this, eh?
Well first you need to have a video player of any kind. I like media
player classic, which you can grab from here: http://x264.nl/

Then you need to download and install the Combined Community Codec Pack,
which you can download here: http://www.cccp-project.net/

If you find your hardware can't play it quite quick enough with CCCP, try
to find a copy of CoreAVC from your favourite 0day source (but you still
need some of the software from CCCP, so keep that on there).

Last but not least you need to make sure you have AC3Filter installed,
which you can find right here: http://ac3filter.net/

Can not forget our love for VideoCD, Replica and SCREAM.
And of course, the groups who care about quality and support 720p:
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