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Stary 30.04.2017, 09:45   #1
Avatar użytkownika Jolek
Data rejestracji: 02.09.2016
Posty: 526
Jolek niedługo stanie się sławny ;) <50 - 149 pkt>Jolek niedługo stanie się sławny ;) <50 - 149 pkt>

JLOJCH jest to aplikacja java, służąca do sprawdzania, dodawania, modyfikowania i usuwania gier z listy kompatybilnych gier dla:
  • HD loader
  • OPL
  • ESR
  • USB extreme
  • PCSX2

Aby użyć wszystkich funkcji programu (dodać grę, modyfikować, usunąć) należy się zarejestrować.
Configuration Menu -> Register...

JLOJCH może być uruchomiony na Windowsie, Linuxie lub innym systemie z zainstalowaną Javą w wersji 6 bądź wyższej.
Aplikacja jest również dostępna na urządzenia przenośnie z Androidem (v 3.0 lub wyższy) w sklepie Play i w Opera mobile store.

Lista zmian (dostępna również w aplikacji, Help menu -> Version History):
  • Fixed: Failed to add a game in OPL, if the game had the same name and a different disk region but left no add, now it is.
  • Fixed: when loading the list of games if you were registered USBExtreme the Actions menu options, both to modify my games like deleting my games are disabled.
  • Fixed: missing space in the names of some editing my game titles.
  • Updated: displays the "Add Game OPL" had different groups of modes. Now all the screens are combinations from 1 to 8 modes, without repeating, and is compatible with the new version published in Open PS2 Loader.
  • Added: Version column OPL OPL all listings to see which version works best OPL n games without having them to put in comments.
  • Added: Links to click on any field observations of the OPL listings. (It will work as long that the comments have a link).
  • Added: Now you can add comments Links to field in the Add Game OPL (HDD, USB, NETWORK).
  • Fixed: changes in OPL list games, could be the case any change is applied to another game with the same name but different disc ID region.
  • Fixed: bug in the validation of the games to change them.
  • Fixed: If the disk ID was less than 11 characters, the program did not show any notice that was not right
  • Fixed: Pressing the close button on the APP showed only a message and can now closed press NO or YES and will close or not APP
  • Fixed: the screen showed the user to change the text to register
  • Adapted: OPL caught the lists to use the new column.
  • Adapted: OPL code to delete games.
  • Adapted: auto-change screen games OPL
  • Changed: now in the comments on the game screen to add or edit my play list USBExtreme and OPL listings can put a URL with the characters "[ ]" and the system can interpret
  • Changed: now in the cover art in the game screen to add or edit my game all the listings can put a URL with the characters "[ ]" and the system can interpret
  • Updated: deleted some messages and other improved translation
  • Added: In generating code has been added where the game is added or modified in OPL HDD or USB or network or USBExtreme or HDLoader or ESR.
  • Added: fully compatible with Mac OS X (except the on / off shift).
  • Added: <Chrome OS> fully compatible and <OPENSUSE> (Except the record.)
  • Fixed: Bug that prevented users of Windows XP Home Edition or Lower register in the application. Now everyone can register without problems.
  • Fixed: When closing the program for the first time either by clicking the close button <X> or the Escape key will display a confirmation message close of the application, but this option was not YES or NO, just OK, well now it shows the same message with the option YES or NO, and NO pressing the app does not close naturally, in versions prior to 3.0 are closed to the press NO or YES, but was changed to hajar actualemnte the solution applied in the new version.
  • Fixed: Failed to start the ActualizadorJLOJCH.jar in Linux or other systems other than Windows.
  • Fixed: Bug that occurred when trying to delete the games on the list ESR.
  • Fixed: The window sign allowed to be maximized
  • NEW: In the offline mode loads the lists are almost instantly between 1 and 2 seconds!
  • NEW: We have created an installer for Windows JLojch which can be downloaded from here: http://nokiajavi.scenespain.net/jlojch/JLojchSetup.exe
  • Added: Offline mode, the application will detect when a connection to the Internet, if not, activate the flight mode and the user will be able to load the tables in the same way as in online mode. This mode can be enabled or disabled from the Options Menu-> Offline Mode-> On / Off
  • Added: Enable / Disable Offline Mode.
  • Added: tables with data listed for use in Offline Mode
  • Added: An option to save the updated lists to the last day on the computer to exit the application, you can download and save all listings, or download and save only the listings that most use, in this case will have to select your same, with Screen Menu Options-> Offline Mode-> Configure ... or not save any. Will download updated lists of the database on shutdown only if it is selected Partial or Complete.
  • Added: A message in the system tray when new updates are optional and both of ActualizadorJLOJCH JLOJCH
  • Added: It is displayed next to the title of the application if new updates are optional and both of ActualizadorJLOJCH JLOJCH
  • Added: Images next to the Game Menu Add, Edit and Delete My Games My Games.
  • Updated: drop-down lists Add Game Screens now show more items up to 15 elements in a row without having to move the right sidebar (Moving the list there are more ways, as always).
  • Changed: Application logo as its representative icon
  • Changed: Images of Regions (EUR, USA, JAP) on each screen to add game
  • Changed Message no connection to the database, you can now choose between connectors to the standby database, switch to offline or close the program.
  • Fixed: Now you can change visual style and language but no connection to the official database or the Internet.
  • Fixed: you can check for program updates when connected to the standby database.
  • Fixed: In all my editing screen if you select the check game of throwing a fault code generation, it has now disabled the option generate code in the edit screens of my game.
  • Updated: Update Module - Updated: Record of the application. - Updated: Language files
  • Fixed: Bug that occurred when saving a backup copy of the error message or suggestion in the database if it contained strange characters. The message always reaches nokiajavi Removed: From the Options menu, the option "Check for Updates?". Removed the menu from the system tray, the option "Check for Updates? Removed: Module automatically check for updates at startup (it was the module that the user could choose whether or not check for updates at startup).
  • Changed: now also appear next to the title of the optional aplciacion for updates in Offline Mode
  • Changed: The date of the listings are displayed correctly in all languages ​​and is now obtained faster.
  • Fixed: Failed to get the date of the last user input and now it does well.
  • Fixed: When starting the application, if no Internet connection was not shown the text of offline mode activated on the right of the menu.
  • Fixed: an error occurred while trying to download the updater if you had not started the application in full
  • Clear: hit the list automatically when you start the application because some users were given failure mode offline
  • New: You can load more than one list at a time, you will not have to wait to finish loading a list to give back to menu File-> Load data or press F5
  • Added: Automatically select Disk ID of an Image of PS2 (ISO, nrg, bin ...) and the region of the game to add a game on the PS2 Loader Open listings.
  • Added: Pool connections in this way can make multiple connections at once to the database. (Corrects to turn a failure that could have given the query data)
  • Fixed: if you had not loaded all listings, to move towards the lashes, not change the bottom status bar, where you had just changed listings loaded in both the offline mode and in online mode. There are no invalid data when a listing is not loaded, the data is displayed by default in the status bar.
  • [*} New: JLojch Application for Android.
  • Added: Two New Visual Styles -> SeaGlass and Skin.
  • Added: Scroll in Visual Style selection.
  • Added: Tooltip on field observations of all tables to text comments look by placing the cursor on that field and not have to move the column width.
  • Added: text panel updates to display all changes.
  • Fixed: Text Menu Show Legend
  • Fixed: The way to display the thumbnail of the image viewer covers for that if there is no image it hangs the application.
  • Fixed: Image Viewer showed another cover to use the search.
  • Fixed: Tooltip of observations showed another text by using the search.
  • Fixed: Text Box updates because it incorrectly resized and displayed randomly.
  • Fixed: Changing user or register not updated the bottom panel of information.
  • Fixed: Setup Tab stayed Offline Mode activated to cancel changes if Partial mode was selected.
  • Removed: duplicate mysql libraries and bookstores obsolete.
  • Removed: Closing unnecessary connections.
  • Removed: Images obsolete.
  • Updated: Language files and messages were not translated.
  • Compatibility with OPL 0,9.1 and 0.9.2
  • New: Menu My Account . Displays all user logged information and the status of your account , and statistics in the listings. In addition to an option called "Assign this computer account " that allows you to change the account assigned to a computer to another so that the login is done automatically .
  • New: Help System . So that you can see everything JLojch offers and can do.
  • New: Filtering Regions games . The games will be filtered by the selected from the Options > Menu - Filter Results by Region regions. In this way we can show only a single region games , two regions or all regions. You can apply filters to a key combination . SHIFT + E ( On or Off European region ) SHIFT + U ( On or Off region USA) SHIFT + J ( On or Off Asian region). Thanks to User [ smd111 ] for the suggestion.
  • New: History JLojch changes .
  • New: Compatibility List Games PCSX2 .
  • New: Reset to factory settings .
  • Added : Display of data visualization and user statistics .
  • Added: Operating System when sending an email support.
  • Added: Operating System to registration .
  • Added: Launch Date on information updates .
  • Added: Email List ( Optional) .
  • Added: email Campo panel sending suggestions or errors will be automatically populated if the user has their email assigned to your account .
  • Added: Button About License to Pawn
  • Added: Full support for SunOS Systems ( Solaris) .
  • Added: Tooltip to the Name field and click Patch field indicating that it was made ??to download the patch.
  • Added : Attach log file to support.
  • Added : Message when attempting to run JLojch more than once.
  • Changed: All windows frames can be closed by pressing the <X> addition to the button itself as above.
  • Changed: The Options menu is now called Settings.
  • Changed: the discoid Mask field .
  • Changed: No need to register to contact the support.
  • Changed: JLojch no longer trigger the case for search, the text is automatically converted to uppercase . To avoid incompatibilities with other operating systems.
  • Improved: In case of failure of sending email , an email will be created automatically and the user's mail client will open so you can send it manually.
  • Improved: Increased number of types of ID discs to add foreign , rare or special editions games.
  • Improved: covers Viewer shows an image of the error if you do not find the cover .
  • Improved: encryption algorithm to give more security to the application and data protection .
  • Improved: search for duplicate when adding games.
  • Improved: connection to the server and updates.
  • Improved: changes in intermediate versions JLojch and Updater are obtained if in the case of upgrading to a new version , I had a version from which you are using and you are going to upgrade .
  • Update: Language files and messages that were untranslated.
  • Update: Logo Application .
  • Update : Image Start JLojch .
  • Fixed: JLojch did not run on reboot on routes they had spaces.
  • Fixed: Crash mode with connection if the application without Internet began. User testing was not performed because the connection to the database is not performed.
  • Fixed: The window is not maximized to full screen size when starting JLojch change of style or language on Linux, Mac and Unix operating systems.
  • Fixed: Search filters and region are added together so that the change regions or search seeping from 2 at a time.
  • Fixed : Changing language or style, if updates are not displayed in the title or in the system tray.
  • Fixed: When changing tab , if it was on the search does not automatically filtered into the selected tab.
  • Fixed: Joined solaris . Solaris users can register on JLojch .
  • Fixed: The buttons on the tab selected listings setup window no offline mode were selected correctly in the partially.
  • Fixed: No checks were made that had selected a HDLoader to edit a game by double clicking the icon or NO VA Info HDLoader table .
  • Fixed: Click on cell patch observations cover , as measured by the size of the panel, if resized before , being fixed measures , points are descuadraban .
  • Fixed: If there were no games in the database did not show the message .
  • Fixed : When you connect to a standby database is not well desactivaban the JMenuItem , and choose offline mode entered an infinite loop to close the application and reopen it .
  • Fixed: Close file when disk id of image searching.
  • Fixed: Panel Size Split Awards .
  • Fixed: You can change the games being in the auxiliary database with double click Table.
  • Fixed: Validation of characters before validating the user manually .
  • Fixed: When changing language, class updates language was not changed .
  • Fixed: When switching from the MSC to the MCC and not vice versa reseteaban the load data and contents tables .
  • Fixed: Image Award JLojch not seen if not available online.
  • Removed : About code repeated pressing trayicon about .
  • Removed : Show Popup Legend of TrayIcon .
  • Removed : Generate code for the POST.
  • Removed : checking Java.
  • Removed : obsolete messages.
  • Fixed: Failed to launch the application and detect the language, eg other countries es_MX failed because there was this resource
  • Fixed: Query that gets the name and date of the last game added to all lists.
  • Fixed: missing PCSX2 in About ...
  • Fixed: an image is not displayed in the help.
  • Fixed: JLojch did not start when you could not connect to the server. When the server JLojch exceeded the bandwidth set for the month, JLojch did not start now he asks whether you want to boot JLojch in offline mode or close the application.
  • Change of Download Server.
Dołączone pliki
File Type: 7z JLojch_Portable.7z (18.08 MB, 16 oglądane)
File Type: 7z JLojch_Installer.7z (5.87 MB, 12 oglądane)

Ostatnio zmieniany przez Jolek : 30.04.2017 o godz. 09:52
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Stary 04.05.2018, 17:50   #2
Avatar użytkownika Jolek
Data rejestracji: 02.09.2016
Posty: 526
Jolek niedługo stanie się sławny ;) <50 - 149 pkt>Jolek niedługo stanie się sławny ;) <50 - 149 pkt>
JLojch 3.46 i aktualizator 2.22.

Zaktualizowano JLojch do wersji 3.46 i aktualizator (updater) do 2.22 z powodu zmiany
w protokole serwera.

Aktualizacja jest wymagana jeśli chcesz otrzymywać poprawki programu.

Zaleca się skasować wszystkie stare pliki poprzedniej wersji i zastąpić je nowymi.

Do pobrania:
Wersja przenośna: https://github.com/nokiajavi/JLojch/...h_Portable.rar.
Instalator dla Windowsa: https://github.com/nokiajavi/JLojch/...LojchSetup.exe.

- Fixed: Added TLS1.1 and TLS1.2 to allow updater downloads from the server
- Java version change to 1.7
- Java version requirement updated to version 1.7
Dołączone pliki
File Type: 7z JLojch_Portable.7z (17.71 MB, 12 oglądane)
File Type: 7z JLojch_Setup.7z (18.36 MB, 9 oglądane)
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Stary 04.05.2018, 18:46   #3
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misiozol ma z czego być dumnym <1000 - 1499 pkt>misiozol ma z czego być dumnym <1000 - 1499 pkt>misiozol ma z czego być dumnym <1000 - 1499 pkt>misiozol ma z czego być dumnym <1000 - 1499 pkt>misiozol ma z czego być dumnym <1000 - 1499 pkt>misiozol ma z czego być dumnym <1000 - 1499 pkt>misiozol ma z czego być dumnym <1000 - 1499 pkt>misiozol ma z czego być dumnym <1000 - 1499 pkt>misiozol ma z czego być dumnym <1000 - 1499 pkt>
Gorszego projektu to dawno nie widzialem , nie dosc ze java to jeszcze trza sie rejestrowac
It’s true what you heard, I am a freak, I’m disturbed
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Stary 04.05.2018, 19:17   #4
Games Maniac
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A youkai of love wyróżnia się na forum <450 - 549 pkt>A youkai of love wyróżnia się na forum <450 - 549 pkt>A youkai of love wyróżnia się na forum <450 - 549 pkt>A youkai of love wyróżnia się na forum <450 - 549 pkt>A youkai of love wyróżnia się na forum <450 - 549 pkt>A youkai of love wyróżnia się na forum <450 - 549 pkt>
Muszę się zgodzić z miśkiem. Program do konsoli w przedpotopowym java i rejestracja, darmowa chociaż?
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Stary 05.05.2018, 12:33   #5
Avatar użytkownika Jolek
Data rejestracji: 02.09.2016
Posty: 526
Jolek niedługo stanie się sławny ;) <50 - 149 pkt>Jolek niedługo stanie się sławny ;) <50 - 149 pkt>
Zawsze można też spróbować wersję na Androida:

Szczerze powiedziawszy to już bardzo dawno nie bawiłem się z tym programem.
Wydawało mi się, że rejestracja jest potrzebna tylko jeśli chcemy dodać jakąś grę do listy.
Masz jakieś pytanie na temat konsol.
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