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Stary 28.04.2017, 15:45   #1
Wyjadacz ;)
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[PS2] HDLGameInstaller

HDLGameInstaller pozwala na instalowanie gier PS2 na dysk twardy i uruchamianie ich bezpośrednio z HDDOSD (aktualizacja browser v2.00).

Program posiada następujące funkcje:
  • Instaluje gry PS2 z CD\DVD.
  • Instaluje gry PS2 przez sieć z PC.
  • Zainstalowane gry mogą zostać uruchomione bezpośrednio z HDDOSD.
  • Pozwala zarządzać grami z poziomu konsoli.
  • Pozwala zarządzać grami z poziomu PC za pomocą sieci.

Lista zmian:
  • Added a network status screen (Press SELECT to access it).
  • Games are now adjusted by pressing the CIRCLE button at the main menu instead of SELECT.
  • Fixed the loading of the IP address configuration. The file size was being retrieved from the wrong call to lseek().
  • Cleaned up IP address parsing code to remove the compiler warning.
  • The compatibility mode flags were being set and loaded from the HDL compatibility mode flags field. Should have been the OPL flags.
  • Changed the images from bitmaps to PNG images, to save space.
  • Cleaned up ShowMessageBox().
  • Added the German, Italian and Spanish localizations.
  • Updated mini OPL/diskload to the latest version from Bitbucket, as of today's commit.
  • Updated the SMAP driver (See the PS2SDK update for today).
  • Added a display for the link state and transfor mode to the network status screen.
  • The network status screen can now be accessed from the remote connection status screen as well.
  • Re-enabled program optimization. I made a change to the Makefile of v0.802, but forgot that optimization is disabled by default.
  • Added Dutch localization.
  • Updated the SMAP driver (See the PS2SDK update for today).
  • Updated the network status screen to display the MAC address and data that will probably help network debugging.
  • The Ethernet link speed and duplex settings can now be specified manually (Read the README file).
  • Removed power-off interrupt handling, since installations should not be interrupted.
  • The power button will not be usable unless the program ends. The console may still be switched off remotely from the PC client, however.
  • Game list now has the "pad button repeat rate" control.
  • Fixed misnamed German localization files.
  • Adjusted initialization code, since the homebrew I/O functions are not multi-thread safe. The UI will be initialized outside of the initialization thread, and the drivers that provide access to the supported bootup devices will be loaded before the initialization thread starts too.
  • Added French localization.
  • Updated SMAP driver.
  • Removed calls to sceCdStandby() and sceCdDiskReady() within ShowWaitForDiscDialog(), to prevent the program from freezing up on newer consoles if a disc is not inserted. sceCdGetDiscType() is the right way to determine whether a disc is inserted or not.
  • Corrected the GP saving and restoration macros within CrashReporter.c.
  • Updated Diskload/Mini OPL to the latest revision.
  • Changed optimization mode to Os.
  • With the update to fileXio in the PS2SDK, the I/O buffer of fileXio has been set to 128KB.
  • Added Portuguese localization.
  • Updated Japanese localization.
  • Increased TCP window size to 65535 bytes and the FileXIO RPC I/O buffer to 512KB, for enhanced performance.
  • Increased network transfer length.
  • The startup device will now be checked, and the program will quit if it was started from an unsupported device.
  • The program will now quit if the resource files (e.g. fonts) cannot be loaded, instead of getting stuck at a black screen.
  • The PC-side client (HDLGManClient) has been updated. Please update your clients!
  • Updated ATAD module (PS2SDK update).
  • Fixed installation of games that are 4GB or larger in size, on disks that are larger than 250GB.
  • Added a partition slice limit to HDLFS, as I forgot that the HDLoader game format uses a 32-bit value to record the size of each slice (4GB partition parts are the largest it can support).
  • Removed old, broken code from HDLFS which automatically adjusted the size of the game as data is written. To begin with, it doesn't do anything because the size of the game is recorded during formatting and can't be adjusted afterwards. It was originally there to make its write function behave like how the the standard write function would behave when data is written to beyond the end of the file.
  • Fixed the installation of the 2nd layer (of DVD9 games) from HDLGManClient. Please reinstall your DVD9 games that were installed via HDLGManClient!
  • Tidied up the server functions.
  • Fixed the logic of the connection state checking functions of HDLGManClient (Should now report client-server version mismatches properly).
  • Modified HDLGManClient to report connection losses instead of stating that the operation failed (Makes things less confusing for the user, as some connection-related problems resulted in error messages that suggested a hardware problem).
  • Updated HDLFS to flush the HDD cache when the partition is unmounted. While this probably does nothing (The cache won't be used if normal READ/WRITE SECTOR commands are used, will it?), I'm doing it to comply with Sony's specifications.
  • Updated art assets.
  • Increased the stack size of the client thread, since the server was freezing up on my SCPH-10000 whenever savedata icon is used for the installation.
  • Added a semaphore that prevents a remote installation from taking place, while a game is being installed locally on the PS2.
  • This program can now be booted from the HDD... as long as it isn't launched by uLaunchELF (uLaunchELF doesn't specify the full path to the program, when it's launched from the HDD).
  • The HDD unit will no longer be switched off when the program quits.
  • Updated to work properly with the modern PS2SDK.
  • Ported the fixes to the PS2SDK over.
  • Corrected old mistakes that led to an insufficiently aligned buffer being used for I/O operations with the HDD.
  • Increased the size of the buffer that contains the path of the savedata icon, which is used during installations.
  • Changed the icon selector's colour to light red and increased its opacity.
  • Added memset() statements to initialized uninitialized values. This gives a cleaner installation.
  • Fixed the problem with garbage appearing within the OSD title line 1 and 2 fields, whenever the icon data is missing.
  • Corrected logic errors within the icon loading code.
  • Greatly increased the number of buffers used by APA, which greatly improves performance when the list of games is generated.
  • Enhanced data receiving and transmission code, to totally eliminate the a possibility of errors occuring because the packet header is partially transferred (regardless of whether it's currently even possible or not).
  • Corrected a mistake within HDLFS: offset 4 is unused, while offset 6 of the HDLoader game partition structure is probably a version field and 0x1337 should not be set there. Thanks to l_Oliveira!
  • Increased the server stack size, since it was overflowing.
  • Updated DISKLOAD to Open PS2 Loader commit 025a6bb.
  • Updated to install OPL v0.9.3.
  • Updated to build with the latest PS2SDK revision and to have the fixes from it.
  • Fixed layer break value calculation.
  • Added support for reconnecting to resume an incomplete installation by the client.
  • Changed game list reading to read the HDLoader game information directly with a devctl call, to work around the performance issues that the APA driver struggles with when dealing with a HDD containing many partitions.
  • Updated to use the new NETMAN module.
  • Updated to use the new HDD module.
v0.810: - Changelog for HDLGameInstaller v0.810:
  • Improved network support reliability.
  • Fixed automatic reconnection functionality.
  • Added support for compressed transfers.
  • Installed games can now be read back to the PC.
- Changelog for HDLGManClient:
  • Fixed and improved support for automatic reconnection.
  • Added support for compressed transfers.
  • Games can now be queued for installation.
  • Installed games can now be copied back onto the PC.
  • Improved network support reliability.
  • Fixed inability to delete game after a failed installation.
  • Reduced redundant code within server.
  • New I/O subsystem for (slightly) better performance.
  • Fixed loading of the game's savedata.
  • Improved network support reliability and performance.
  • Replaced fonts with the Google Noto fonts.
Changelog for the installer:
  • Game list will no longer be fully refreshed after a game is edited or deleted.
  • Fixed inability to terminate game copying via network.
  • Improved network reliability and performance.
  • Improved stability.
  • Removed support for compressed transfers.
Changelog for HDLGManClient:
  • Removed support for compressed transfers.
  • Improved reading method for MODE 1/2048 ISO9660 disc images. [*}Corrected inability to terminate game copying.
HDLGameInstaller v0.813 & HDLGManClient (25-02-2017):
HDLGameUpdater v0.801R for HDLGameInstaller v0.809+:


Strona projektu:
Dołączone pliki
File Type: 7z [170226]HDLGameInstaller-0813-bin.7z (11.88 MB, 18 oglądane)
File Type: 7z [151216]HDLGameUpdater-0809-bin.7z (3.89 MB, 18 oglądane)
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Stary 11.03.2018, 15:37   #2
Wyjadacz ;)
Avatar użytkownika fera2
Data rejestracji: 02.09.2016
Posty: 276
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HDLGameInstaller-180310 BETA

Nowa wersja poprawiająca wydajność transferu z PC do PS2.


Źródło i więcej informacji można znaleźć tutaj:
Dołączone pliki
File Type: 7z HDLGameInstaller-180310-SIFCMD-dc8c426.7z (575.9 KB, 3 oglądane)
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